Trainer/Coach Development

Our consultants have worked for many years in all aspects of training and development both as internal provider/manager and external consultant. With our wealth of experience, we have run workshops on all aspects of training and development. We are happy to be able to impart this knowledge and expertise to our client organisations. This includes trainer development, coaching and mentoring skills for managers and professionals as well as consultancy skills.

Trainer Development

We run a range of programmes for the full-time and part-time trainer - for those who are newly in the role, and for those more experienced trainers who wish to hone their skills. Such programmes cover a wide range of topics, including:
  • Training needs analysis at an individual or organisational level
  • Training policy and strategy development
  • Programme design and delivery (including the use of a wide range of methodologies)
  • Work-based training and development
  • Training evaluation
Examples of programmes we have run in the past:
  • Training the Trainer: Variations of this programme have been run for a number of regions within the NHS for Public Health Consultants/Specialists who perform an Educational Supervisory role for those on the Public Health Faculty’s five year training scheme. It combines an understanding of the Training Scheme with the skills required to supervise and provide on-the-job training skills.
  • Group Facilitation Skills: This programme was developed for public health practitioners who need to facilitate multidisciplinary groups. It combined an understanding of group dynamics, individual behaviour and the development of facilitation skills.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

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Coaching and mentoring skills have more recently been recognised as essential for managers who have a key role in developing their staff. Much money on off-the-job training courses has been lost because participants have not been supported on returning to the workplace. We believe that this is an essential component of all those organisations who aspire to being learning organisations. An example of a programme that we have run in the past:
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Professionals: This was an open course run on behalf of the NHS Training Authority for line managers and professionals. It enabled managers to acquire the skills necessary to use work and the working environment for the development of their staff. Sample Agenda

Consultancy Skills

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With a wealth of experience in this field, we have been asked by our clients in the past to run training programmes on consultancy skills. Below are two examples of these programmes
  • Consultancy Skills Programme for External Principal Consultants: This programme was run for an Institute of Health who wanted to set up and run a consultancy service to the NHS. It covered all the skills involved in gaining a piece of consultancy work through to completion of the project and beyond. It assumed basic consultancy skills. Sample Agenda
  • Consultancy Skills Programme for Internal Advisers: This programme was developed for Medical Audit Advisers in the NHS. It enabled those in such an advisory role within an organisation to take a consultancy approach to their work.